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About H&H Sheet Metal

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Professional fabrication, installation, and repair of metal machines and structures. From designing to cutting, and from forming to welding, H&H can see you through each step of the fabrication process.

H&H Sheet Metal is a family owned and operated industrial metal fabricator and installer. We utilize more than 37 years of industrial experience to tackle our industry’s toughest challenges with inventive solutions. Our employees are highly trained in multiple areas of service and are equally comfortable taking on a multitude of projects. We take pride in fabricating and installing complete systems, custom equipment and components for air handling, material handling, piping, process systems and safety protection needs. H&H can provide crews from 1 to 80, ready to take on any job. We employ experienced millwrights, riggers, iron-workers, welders, pipe fitters, pipe welders, and more armed with a complete arsenal of specialized equipment. Our reputation for customer satisfaction and quality, as well as competitive pricing, and experience makes H&H a trusted source for businesses of all sizes.



H&H offers professional onsite support and repair for metal fabricated machines and structures. With our complete arsenal of construction equipment, we are able to meet your project needs.

Serving the area for more than 30 years our experienced work force of more than 100 employees is able to meet most any industrial need. Our mission is to accommodate the customer in whatever they need and in the time frame required. With a complete arsenal of construction equipment including, man-lifts, forklifts, backhoes, dozers, cranes, etc, we are able to meet our customers needs.


Our experienced staff is able to maintain, install, repair and upgrade your machinery.


At H&H, we offer welding services, including pipe welding and fitting.

Concrete Services

Along with iron work and metal fabrication, we offer concrete pouring and finishing services.

Other Services

We are proud to offer a full range of fabrication services to help you from start to finish.

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Serving the South Central Kentucky area and Midwest Region for more than 30 years our experienced work force of more than 100 employees is able to meet most any industrial need.

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